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Zlata Razdolina
Requiem: The Song of the Murdered Jewish People

[ CD Cover - 'Requiem: The Song of the Murdered Jewish People' ]

After the Poem by Itzhak Katzenelson

Composed by Zlata Razdolina
The Moravska Filharmonie Olomouc (The Czech Republic)
Victor Feldbrill (Conductor / Canada)

Anonin Hradil (Violin)
Zlata Razdolina (Vocal and Synthesizer)
Shlomo Blumberg (Production)

[ Audio Button ] The Opening Bars of the Requiem (118k µ-law)

[ Zlata Razdolina, Composer ]
Zlata Razdolina
[ Itzhak Katzenelson, Yiddish Poet ]
Itzhak Katzenelson

Requiem: The Song of the Murdered Jewish People

Part I
  1. Introduction
    Tempo giusto

  2. I Play
Part II
  1. Introduction
    Lento dramatico

  2. O My Agonies
Part III
  1. Introduction
    Andante e rubato

  2. The Train Wagons
    Andante con moto

  3. Vocalize
    Andante sostenuto

  4. To the Heavens
    Adagio doloroso
Part IV
  1. Introduction
    Adagio sostenuto

  2. Warsaw

Part V
  1. Introduction
    Lento expressivo

  2. Too Late
Part VI
  1. Introduction

  2. The Synagogues Are on Fire
    Allegro moderato; Andante
Part VII
  1. In the Beginning of the End
    Lento e rubato; Lento
  1. Introduction
    Marcia (moderato assai)

  2. The Uprising
    Lento e rubato (recitativo); Marcia
Part IX
  1. Prayer
    Lento espressivo
Part X
  1. Rise Up, My People!
    Lento (quasi marcia funebre); Lento

[ 'Requiem' Excerpt from CD Liner Notes Cover ]

Canto XV.15: It's All Over

Woe is unto me, nobody is left. . . There was a people and it is no more.
There was a people and it is. . . Gone. . .
What a tale. It began in the Bible and lasted till now. . . A very sad tale.
A tale that began with Amalek and concluded with the far crueller Germans. . .
O distant sky, wide earth, vast seas, Do not crush and don't destroy the wicked.
Let them destroy themselves!

    From The Song of the Murdered Jewish People
    By Itzhak Katzenelson  /  Translated by Noah H. Rosenbloom
    Israel: Beit Lohamei Haghetaot (Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House, 1980)
    Copyright © 1980 by The Ghetto Fighter's House Ltd. (All Rights Reserved.)

[ Facsimile of Part of Katzenlelson's Manuscript ]
Facsimile from Katzenelson's Manuscript

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"May this elegy and Requiem bear witness to the millions of Jews murdered by the Nazis, and be an eternal warning to the generations born after the Holocaust."

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In Memory of Zlata Razdolina's Beloved Mother, Asia Rozenfeld
— Aleha ha-Shalom —

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