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Vinnitsa Region Jewish Community

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Shalom Alekhem! Welcome to the Vinnitsa Region Jewish Community (VRJC) home page! In late May and early June 1996, I received two e-mail messages from Mr. Igor Desner, head of the Vinnitsa Region Jewish Community in Ukraine, describing the organization and requesting assistance.

Because of my deep interest in helping to preserve Jewish culture and history in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and assisting the Jewish communities in these regions, I have created this Web presentation to share the limited information I have about the Vinnitsa Region Jewish Community.

If you are interested in helping the VRJC, please contact Igor Desner directly via e-mail at <vinjew@sovamua.com> or via the VRJC's postal address, which is as follows:

Mr. Igor Desner
Vinnitsa Region Jewish Community
Post Office Box 1993
Vinnitsa-21 286021

The Vinnitsa Region Jewish Community has several different functions, including the following:[ Woman's Face ]

Currently, the VRJC is restoring the Vinnitsa town synagogue. The community has eight Jewish schools, a lecture center, and musical groups which perform Yiddish music and dance.

The VRJC's archives (in Vinnitsa) contain documents pertaining to the Holocaust; these materials are primarily in Russian and Ukrainian, but there are also some documents in German. Mr. Desner states that "there are unique materials in our archives; for example, about Doctor Gershman who was a head of Zhmerinka's ghetto." Please note that these materials are not available on-line.

In addition, on 21 August 1996, I received an e-mail message from the Benjamin and Vladka Meed Registry of Jewish Holocaust Survivors at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, informing me that the Museum has received approximately 35,000 pages of Holocaust-related archival materials from the 'Vinnitsa Oblast' Archives in Ukraine. Because this area of Ukraine was under Romanian administration during World War II, most of the materials are in Romanian -- but there are also materials in Russian, Ukrainian, and German. The Museum estimates that these archival materials should be available to the public about six months after their receipt in August of 1996. (These materials will not be available in electronic form and will be accessible only at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.) Please contact the Holocaust Museum directly for more information about this archival material.

With Igor Desner's permission, I include in this presentation two e-mail messages from Mr. Desner which briefly describe the Vinnitsa Region Jewish Community and its needs. With the exception of inserting carriage returns to improve readability, I have not edited Mr. Desner's messages in any way.

[ Vinnitsa Youth ]I also invite you to "meet" some of the members of the Vinnitsa Region Jewish Community by visiting my electronic gallery, Images of Vinnitsa's Jewish Community. On that Web page, you will find small "thumbnail" images and a brief description of each picture. (You may simply select the thumbnail, or its corresponding link, to view the full-sized picture; if you are using the text-based Web browser, Lynx, you may download the images for viewing off-line with any software which can load GIF images.) In the future, I plan to include additional still images and short digital video files.

Further down on this VRJC home page, you will find links to the other sections of the VRJC Web site.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

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