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Founded in 1902 by Zalman Nozyk and his wife, the Nozyk Synagogue in Warsaw was devastated during World War II; it was renovated after the war and, with financial help from the Polish government, later reconstructed between 1977 and 1983. The Nozyk Synagogue still holds services on the Sabbath and Jewish holidays.

In the section on Warsaw in Poland's Jewish Heritage, Joram Kagan mentions the Nozyk synagogue several times and offers information about the synagogue's construction, devastation, and reconstruction:

. . . The religious opening of the synagogue took place on May 12, 1902, on Lag ba-Omer. Apart from the founder, the committee of the newly built synagogue included I. Ettinger, D.M. Szereszewski, L.I. Dawidsohn, and Z. Krakow. . . . The Nozyk synagogue was built in the Neo-Romanesque style with Neo-Byzantine stucco ornaments, as a manifestation of the e[c]lectic tendencies of that time.

. . . During the occupation, the synagogue was used by the Nazis for a stable and fodder storage, thus causing considerable devastation. Bombardments of the city during the Warsaw uprising in 1944 caused much damage to the roof and part of the elevation. After the war (in the late 1940s), it was roughly reconstructed and put to religious use. The thorough reconstruction under supervision of architects Hanna Szczepanowska and Eva Dziedzic took place from 1977 to 1983. During the reconstruction new quarters for the Religious Union of the Mosaic Faith in the Polish People's Republic were added at the eastern wall. The official opening took place on April 18, 1983 (Kagan, 136-137).

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