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Belated moral condemnation and humane regret are not enough. The historical facts must be made known, the social causes that made them possible must be understood, and we must become aware of our own responsibility for what goes on around us. We do not escape the past by thrusting it to the back of our minds.

Gerhard Schõnberner
The Yellow Star: The Persecution of
the Jews in Europe 1933-1945

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Teaching About the Holocaust (Front Cover)
Teaching about the Holocaust
A Resource Book for Educators

Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Holocaust and Genocide Studies
(Scholarly Journal)

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Other Holocaust Education Resources and Projects

Anti-Defamation League

Logo: Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education

Cover: 'The Holocaust Chronicle'

Sonia Frenkel: Holocaust Survivor
Sonia Welis Frenkel (1923-1991)
Holocaust Survivor

[ Guard Tower at Majdanek ]

Kindertransport Association (KTA)

'Courtyard, Terezin (Malva Schaleck)
Malva Schaleck (1882-1944)
Courtyard, Terezín — 1941-1943

Museum of Tolerance Banner

Simon Wiesenthal Center Logo

Simon Wiesenthan Center Digital Archives: Sample Holdings
Simon Wiesenthal Center Digital Archives
(Sample Holdings)

We Remember Anne Frank

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