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Tikkun Olam: David Dickerson's Web Site
•   'Tikkun Olam': Healing the World (in Hebrew)   •

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In remembrance lies the secret of redemption.


Mira Steiner

Mira Steiner of Zagreb, Yugoslavia, who was
murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust,
an innocent victim of the "Final Solution."
(Mira was born on 18 February 1923.)
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Aleha ha-Shalom


Welcome to Tikkun Olam, David Dickerson's Web site. The "concept of tikkun olam, or repairing the world through social action, is one of the traditional categories of tzedakah (righteousness and justice). The word tikkun first appears in the book of Ecclesiastes (1:5; 7:13; 12:9), where it means 'setting straight' or 'setting in order'."

'Tikkun Olam': Healing the World (in Hebrew)
Tikkun Olam (in Hebrew)

I offer this Web site as my small, personal effort to help the world become a better place, with humility, and with no pretention, dogmatic agenda, or exaggerated expectations. My conviction is that we — humanity as a whole — should try our best to "heal the world," based upon our individual callings, interests, and talents.

"Tikkun olam, once associated with a mystical approach to all mitzvot, now is most often used to refer to a specific category of mitzvot involving work for the improvement of society — a usage perhaps closer to the term's classical rabbinic origins than to its longstanding mystical connotations." — MyJewishLearning.com

Please Note: I do not use or personally associate the Hebrew term tikkun olam with the teachings of sixteenth-century kabbalist Isaac Luria (i.e., in the sense of Lurianic Kabbalah).

I hope that you will enjoy your visit and that you will find the information in this WWW presentation useful. In the middle of this page, you will find buttons for accessing the main sections; each of these sections is a work in progress and I appreciate your patience as I try to improve the presentation. I welcome your comments and questions.

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David M. Dickerson

P.S. — In addition, on this Web site is the ten-megabyte presentation, A Literary Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

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